Sebastian James

Sebastian James

Communicator. Father. Nut.

Sebastian James is a man who has spent his career using digital and print media to help organizations communicate brand, mission and success. He is a golfer, sports addict and a lover of leftovers; as he’s a pretty good cook.

Most notably, Sebastian was formerly a Deputy Director of New Media for Cook County Government. There, he led efforts to use the web, social media and data to help local government become more transparent. He has served as print production manager for two large retailers, a PR manager for a Chicagoland PBS channel and started his career managing campaigns for a franchise chain of a national weight-loss program.

In May 2019, Sebastian earned a Master of Science in Global Strategic Communication from Loyola University Chicago. His focus was on communication strategy, artificial intelligence, content creative, and extended realities (AR, VR & MR). “I think good communicators should tell stories and find opportunity using the tools of the time”, he said.

That thinking turned into a Capstone project titled, “AI, XR, CP and PR: How Communicators can Succeed with (and Against) Today’s New Technology.” It is 17,000 words, 112 citations, interviews and video on how smart communicators can use these tools to advance business strategy.

Now he’s just over halfway to earning a certificate in data science at Northwestern University. He enrolled in Northwestern’s “Data Science Bootcamp” program–24 weeks of intensive study learning the tools of data analysis and visualization. Python, SQL, JavaScript, D3, R, Hadoop and a few other terms generally unknown to compros.

He is a car guy; especially hybrid turbo powered vehicles like that sweet new Volvo V60 Polestar T8 estate. Graduated from the University of Chicago’s Graham School with a Certificate in Integrated Marketing and Valparaiso University too.

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