Networking is vital to the success of communications and marketing leaders, whether they are growing their business, making a career transition or moving up the corporate ladder, according to Marcia Ballinger, PhD, and principal and co-founder of Ballinger | Leafblad Inc.  

“Networking is a conversation, an opportunity to learn and benefit from another individual’s wisdom.” she told us. And LinkedIn, the social network powerhouse with 810 million members, can help you expand your network and gain more face-to-face meetings. “If you network even 10 percent more than before, over your career it can make an enormous impact,” Dr. Ballinger said. For example, networking can support a job search or help with finding a board role.

  • Up to 70 percent of all jobs are not published on publicly available job search sites
  • Professionals are 80 percent more likely to attain their jobs through networking
  • A higher percentage of individuals who are board members obtain their board roles through their network

Despite the benefits, many of us avoid networking – perhaps we don’t like to talk about ourselves or we’re fearful of making a poor impression. “By doing more of what makes us feel better during networking and stripping away what causes discomfort, we can be more successful,” she explained.

Good preparation is one of six steps for achieving networking success, according to Dr. Ballinger. Knowing how to set up a networking meeting or choosing the best networking opportunities can make the difference.

Hear about Dr. Ballinger’s six steps for networking success and how to approach networking with comfort and confidence at her 9:15 a.m. session at CONVERGENCE Summit 2022 on Thursday, March 17.

by Irene Connors