Jasvir “Jesse” Singh
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Jasvir Jesse Singh

Jasvir “Jesse” Singh is lucky. He has the resiliency of a tardigrade and adaptability of a chameleon; because he can switch his game up to his clients’ needs on the fly. His foundation is embedded in empathy and service, the kind that can’t be taught in school; but in a house full of cousins and relatives that his mother brought in to live with them when they were young.

Jasvir “Jesse” Singh has been designing multimedia since his teen years. He has worked for Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and as a freelance design consultant. He holds 3 US patents and has a few more pending for his design work. His artwork has been at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Jasvir holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from the Augsburg University and earned a Master’s of Arts in Leadership from Augsburg University.

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