Viral Advertising: How Using a Trust Algorithm Can Impact the Speed and Reach of your Message

Presenter: Jisu Huh, Ph.D.,

Professor, Raymond O. Mithun Endowed Chair in Advertising, Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota

“Can you make this go viral?” As we know, this is often easier said than done.

Dr. Jisu Huh, who has helped develop the Trust Scores in Social Media (TSM) algorithm to test how viral ads spread within social networks, will present her research about how trust impacts the speed and reach of viral messages.

For example, while only a small proportion of social media users tend to pass on viral ads to others, those with higher source trust scores make significantly stronger contributions to spreading viral ads faster and more broadly. Dr. Huh also will describe how different conditions affect the spread of viral ads – such as in situations where ads contain socially-controversial messages – as well as how trust impacts how people may accept messages differently. Finally, this session will include case studies demonstrating how strategic viral seeding of messages may improve ad effectiveness.

Read this blog where Dr. Jisu Huh describes how using a trust algorithm can impact the speed and reach of your message 

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