The Power of Story Telling

Presenter: Boyd Huppert, KARE 11, Producer/Host of KARE 11’s weekly “Land of 10,000 Stories” segment and general assignment reporter

Boyd Huppert will open up the CONVERGENCE Summit 2020 by sharing his approach and tips to storytelling with an essence of writing the way you talk. “The storytellers I admire allow viewers to make their own discoveries,” he says. “I want viewers to be involved in the storytelling process, not as observers, but as participants.” Focus should be rooted in character, emotion and concept, Huppert says. Reveals and surprises should be used to reinvest readers into a story every few seconds. Huppert’s other lessons involve observing what happens in a story, including keeping your eyes open and learning when to stay silent to let a moment play out. He also advised colleagues to “write to the edge of the screen,” or know what visual elements can speak for themselves and write to set them up.

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Anatomy of a Story: “Write Like You Talk” talks to Boyd Huppert

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