10:00-10:20 a.m. Get Moving Sessions

10:00-10:20 a.m. Get Moving Sessions

Choose an activity:

  1. Chair Yoga with Ann Krzmarzick, ABC
  2. Gold Quill Bingo with Jennifer Sheridan
  3. Classic Movie Trivia with Tammy Nienaber, SCMP

Re-energizing Chair Yoga

Treat yourself to a few minutes of gentle chair yoga. This session is designed to give you a break while having fun at the same time. Using deep breathing, stretching, and modified yoga poses, we will relieve the stress of working on a computer and re-energize the entire body. When we are done, it will feel like you have received a mini massage. Note: For this session, a stable chair (no wheels and no balls) and loose clothing are recommended.

Ann Krzmarzick, ABC, began teaching yoga via Zoom as a result of the pandemic. She says it has been one of the best things to come out of this life-altering time.

Gold Quill Bingo 

Join in on a fast-paced game of Bingo where tidbits and tips about IABC’s Gold Quill Award program are the commentary. Led by energetic Jennifer Sheridan. The first to unmute and say “Gold Quill Bingo” wins the prize — after a check of their numbers.

Classic Movie Trivia

It’s time to get your brain moving! Past IABC Minnesota President Tammy Nienaber will test your knowledge in a fast-paced online trivia zooming in on the favorite classic movies of members of IABC Minnesota’s Board of Directors. Have your devices ready. Prize awarded for the highest points.