How to Use Data to Listen and Communicate Better

Presenter: Dave Mathias, Founder, Beyond the Data

Great communicators start by being great listeners. Data is one of the most valuable assets to use to listen both internally in your organization and externally to your customers. The challenge is data is more abundant than ever and it is hard to capture the signal from the noise. The good thing though is data can be more easily harvested and understood now than ever before. No matter if you are in communications, marketing or influencing others (including the C-Suite) within your organization, this session will help you harness data to listen and make better decisions.

Session Focus:

  • How to go about leveraging data to listen to others, especially your clients and customers
  • Tools & techniques to make better strategic decisions with data, and then communicate these
  • How to continue learning in the area of data if you have interest (and you should!)

Listen to the PODCAST where Dave Mathias and CONVERGENCE committee member Susan Otten discuss how to harness data to make better decisions.

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