Corporate Social Responsibility Shifts to Collective Social Impact

Brian Numainville, President, NUMINSIGHTS LLC and strategic advisor, MATTER
Joanne Henry, President, PR for Good

Yesterday’s structured Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are table stakes in today’s reality. Activist consumers, employees and younger generations want business to help solve societal problems while they serve up products and services.

Presenters Henry and Numainville have had ringside seats to these changes for the past 15 years, and in many cases have been ringmasters. In this session, they’ll address the new trends in collaborative programs and the organizational success they can deliver. They’ll share examples of how the right purpose and actions can be a home-run for business – and how to avoid getting booed off the field.

Session Focus: 

  • The factors driving the growth of Corporate Programs with a Social Purpose, and why it’s not a fad.
  • How even smaller companies can get creative to get a big win with employees and customers with their social engagement.
  • How to achieve success with a national program that engages a wide audience with diverse interests and backgrounds.
  • Why it’s essential that a new purpose-driven initiative is consistent, true to the company’s brand and TESTED before going live.
  • The hallmarks of a successful and ­ongoing business/community partnership.

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