An Inside Look at Artificial Intelligence for Communicators


Sebastian James
Owner, PR & Technology Workshop, Chicago

Mary Hills, IABC Fellow, ABC, Six Sigma, FRSA
Business Principal, HeimannHills Marketing Group, Chicago
Graduate Adjunct Faculty, Loyola University Chicago

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to change the way we do business and work as communication professionals. In fact, the revolution has already begun. For communication professionals it promises to take care of all the mundane tactical activities we currently handle, freeing us to focus on demonstrating our value through the more strategic activities that machines cannot – like influencing the C-suite, connecting our organization’s audiences and stakeholders and creating meaning in a world fraught with change.

When our organizations seek advice on how best to communicate about AI, we need to be ready to ask the right questions and advise on the right approach. In this session, Mary Hills and Sebastian James will capture the value AI may bring to our organizations, employ the “tools of the trade” model to guide discussion and adoption of AI, and assess and analyze AI tools we may use in our communication process. This hands-on discussion regarding AI sentiment, AI communication tool adoption and drawing conclusions on the value of AI is based on their recently-released data and AI Playbook for Communication Professionals.

In this video, Sebastian James and the PR & Technology Shop examines Crystal Knows. Crystal is an app that uses AI and personality profiles to tell you how to deal with, relate to or close the person in your next meeting.

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